Dressing up to stand out


When a woman is dressed well, no matter what shape or size, it not only looks great but also makes you feel great.

Here are a few tips to get started on your perfect wardrobe for all shapes and sizes:2016-04-14_14.59.54

  • Buy clothes that fit you properly.

Sometimes the sizes in the shops are not exactly correct so fit on more than 1 size to be sure which one fits you well.

  • Colours matter.Melted crayon art

We all need our black and grey clothing items but try to keep it nice and bright for a friendlier approach. For more full figured woman bright clothing are great e.g. a bright top with a bootleg denim and bright high heels. Colourful jewellery and accessories are also a great way to brighten up your  look.

  • It does not matter where you bought it!

Some woman believe you will only find the perfectly fit top at the most expensive shop in the centre but that is not the truth. Do not be afraid to try on something even at PEP, yes, PEP…

It is not about where you bought it is about how you wear it and if you look gorgeous why should any one care how much you paid for it? This will most probably also save you money, which is always good.

  • Don’t be afraid of print but be aware.2016-04-14_14.57.08


To much of a bold print or animal print might just be a bad thing. Bold prints can be really amazing if you wear it right but really awful if it is to loud. also, be careful of stripes, it is a real dangerous print.I would wear a print with some neutrals such as black to be save.

  • Sassy or trashy?

We all want to look sexy but there is a fine line between sexy and too sexy. If you are blessed with a big bust be sure to keep them in place and not have them fall out. Short shorts are not really for me and by short shorts I mean the type that shows your booty and basically only covers what your underwear covers. This maybe acceptable at the beach or something like that but wearing it on a night out or at work is not as cool.






  • Are you a blessed lady with a full figure?

Try to keep away form the tight vests. Once again be sure that your clothing fits you properly.

Summer dresses are a wonderful option for a lunch date or Sunday at church with a beautiful heel or flat. I am such a fan of maxi / summer dresses and would recommend it for all shapes, sizes and ages.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different clothing types and colours.

You won’t know till you try it on, so, next time when you go shopping try a little something out of your comfort zone and try to pair a few items together to see what your options would be and what flatters your body type best.

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