Zanzibar 2015

Zanzibar 2015

Travelling to Zanzibar we did not know what to expect , but , at the end of the trip I would recommend it to any one wanting to see the rural living and awesome Ocean life of Africa.


Arriving in Zanzibar we were taken by surprise as I would not call there airport one of the best in the world but for a change it was actually interesting to see.

The airport is basically just an empty building with a bunch of friendly locals waiting to assist you outside to get to the correct place and bus.


We booked through a traveling company so they transported us in a bus to the resort and back to the airport on our way back.

There are a lot of tourist taxi’s that you can make use to get to your preferred location.

When booking our excursions / trips we also got around in a mini bus.

As Zanzibar is an Island and consists of mostly forest I would personally not recommend walking even though you will see the locals travelling via foot and cycling from village to village.



Resorts are mainly the sort of accommodation that tourist make use of in Zanzibar.

We stayed in a beautiful resort next to the beach equipped with a swimming pool , spa and buffet restaurant .


Each night they had performers for entertainment such as singers , dancers , gymnasts doing crazy stunts and so forth.

When arriving back in your room at night your mosquito net is thrown over your bed and your bed is ready to sleep in.

The rooms were nice and big with a very cute balcony and if you are lucky you have a view of the Ocean .

For More info regarding the resort we stayed at feel free to leave me a message and I will be happy to answer any more questions.


Things to do

We went on a trip to Zanzibar Old Town where you walk through the food market show casing the different fish they sell to the locals and many more.

The travel agent took us to the old Catholic Church where he told us the History of Zanzibar.

The selling of slaves were a big part of the people of Zanzibar’s history and listening to how life was for them was very touching and seeing the pits where they were sold and the rooms were they were held it becomes very real and emotional even.

We walked through Stone Town where locals still make a home for themselves.

We also saw the home where Freddie Mercury (lead singer of Queen) was born and raised which was quite interesting as I was not aware that he was born there .

We also visited Prison Island where we could pet giant and very old turtles.

There are a lot of Ocean activities to enjoy such as snorkelling , swimming with dolphins and so forth.

I will be honest , my fear of water did hold me back when snorkelling but even sitting on the boat the I could see the beautiful Ocean life and Corals beneath us in the clear waters.

They offer so much for the tourist to choose from and I can assure you if you should choose to stay busy the only struggle you will have is choosing what to do first.


We went on a Spice tour where they take you to a spice farm and teach you about all the different spices they have on the farm while some of the local boys show off their weaving skills by making jewellery




The traditional food are very interesting and personally I loved it.

They can cook a banana in many different and interesting ways and use different spices with it that will give you flavours you have never tasted before.

In Zanzibar they do prefer fish over red meat and they have a lot of different dishes made from vegetables or fruit with different spices.

To sum up their food – interesting with a bunch of flavour and delicious.

If you have been so lucky to visit Zanzibar and have tips for us or would just like to share your experience please feel free to leave a comment ,

we would love to hear from you 🙂



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