Thailand 2015


Exploring Thailand


For our first time in another country we decided to go all out and visit Thailand.

At first it was a culture shock but meeting the local people and seeing the way they live day to day we not only appreciated being there but enjoyed it to the max.

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai we experienced the Thai Culture and the friendliness of the people all over.


if I should describe it in one sentence : City life with rich culture

You go from the biggest shopping malls to seeing how the local people still live on the river next to the main roads.


There is such a large range of transport to choose from.

You can get a taxi or tuk tuk anywhere you are. We did notice that in popular tourist attractions taxis do take chances and charge you more than they would in the local areas.

The BTS train is also a great and efficient way to get along in Bangkok.

it is very easy to get a ticket and jump on to the station of your choice.

The BTS took us directly to the entrance of the Chutuchuk Market and directly back to the street our hotel was in.


The Chutuchuk Market is one of the largest markets in ASIA and once you think you have been though it all but realise there is still a lot to go you will get the idea of how big it really is.

From bars , clothing , souvenirs , food , restaurants , anything you can think of , it is there.

definitely worth taking a day to walk through and experience the rich culture between the locals and meeting people from all over the world.

Khao San Road is filled with  excitement and people coming together from all over the world.

there are different bars and of course massage parlours everywhere.

A really cool factor of Khao San Road are the Vans they have turned into mobile bars.

so you can relax and enjoy your beer next to a lighted up van playing the latest hits in the middle of the road.


The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a huge tourist attraction.

We only visited The Grand Palace on our last day in Thailand before flying back to South Africa and the heat was scorching so we unfortunately did not see the entire Palace , as you can imagine , it is Huge!

There are rules to follow when entering the Grand Palace as it is seen as Holy Grounds if I can say it that way.

Ladies , your shoulders and knees have to be closed up and same for the boys.

They do cater for those who maybe did not get the memo before time and there for you can wear the traditional outfits they provide for you while visiting the Palace.

these are just few of the many things you can do in BANGKOK.


Overall , I absolutely loved Bangkok , I do recommend it even if City life is not for you , the experience will be something you take with you for a life time.



Like a fairy tale.

Definitely the most beautiful city in Thailand with cannels running through the city and past old town.

If you should want to live and build a home in Thailand, Chiang Mai will definitely be the place to do that.

It has a very cosy feel  with green gardens and lots of trees.


We mostly walked as our hotel was very close to Old Town and the markets.

otherwise we made use of a tuk tuk .

It’s such a beautiful place , walking won’t even seem like trouble.



Old Town is a popular attraction in Chiang Mai.

The original walls still stand with cannels flowing by.

Inside old town there are pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy the local food and drinks.

We went to a place called Zoey in Yellow which is quite famous between the travellers it seems as you can expect to find people from all over the world there.

From Chiang Mai we hired a scooter and travelled to a village near Chiang Rai on the Border of Laos.

A very bumpy ride, as you can imagen, up in the mountains and though villages on our way to our lodge which is situated in the middle of the woods.

it was beautiful to see the rural villages and local people still bathing and washing their clothes in the river below our lodge.

Outdoor activities are all over Thailand and we made the most of it in Chiang Mai.

while in Chiang Rai we went hiking in the woods , caving and visited a village.

You can book a entire caving trip where they take you to different caves to explore.

In their Winter you are able to book a kayaking trip through the woods as it is then their rainy season.

Riding Elephants are obviously also a big thing in Thailand and when doing so they explain to you how they train the elephants and that the elephants are not harmed at all but actually looked after.



An exhilarating city of lights that will excite you!

Expect the unexpected as you may be shocked when seeing the things that happen in Pataya.



Hiring a scooter is a good idea to get around Pataya as there are lots to see at Night time.

You are also able to get a taxi or tuk tuk as in any other place in Thailand.


walking Street is one of the most popular places to visit while in Pataya , I do want to warn you ,

walking street is not for the faint hearted as it does include the sins of life such as GoGo Bars and ping pong shows.


If you are curious about that famous part of Thailand walking street is the place to go.

The Beaches in Pataya was unfortunately not my favourite but maybe we just visited the wrong side for that kind of thing.

Another big tourist attraction situated in Pataya is the Big Buddha which you can visit when ever you like.


Overall the Big PATAYA sign on the mountain took my breath away and will be something I will remember forever.



WOW!-My first thought and last thought from the moment we stepped on the fairy traveling to Koh Chang with an AMAZING sunset over the sea till the moment we looked back on the Island  on our way back to main land .


We hired a scooter, once again, as it is the easiest way to travel on the island.

Taking a tuk tuk is also possible but from I can remember there are not really any taxis to get into.

To get to the Island you have to take a Fairy boat from Main Land and back as well.


The Beaches are absolutely amazing.

There are a bunch of small villages to visit , each with their own beach.

Real island living and relaxing feel from start to end.

While driving on the scooter in between the woods and villages we came across monkeys playing around in the street and it really gave us a feeling of how rural the local people live there.

We went snorkelling and Island Hoping in between all the small islands situated in the same area as Koh Chang.

I would definitely recommend it , I am not a very big fan of snorkelling myself but it was amazing and something I wish everyone could experience.

The island beaches we were taken to was breath taking and I literally felt like staying there forever if I could.

All around it is real cheap on the island and very relaxing.


I love good food even though I am still learning to cook myself.

Noodles are a big part of Thailand’s Food so be sure to find a lot of noodle dishes and green curry’s on the menus .

Hamburgers and such modern foods can be found at Mac Donalds and BurgerKing and so forth but why would you want to eat the same old if you can experience the local food from food carts and street foods.

The street food is real cheap and you can also find delicious desserts from food carts.


Overall we had a cheap and amazing trip in Thailand.

I feel we saw everything we wanted to and everything you would want to see there will be possible as transport between the cities are very easy and flights are very cheap.

The Thai Local people and so friendly and happy to help you any time.

Personally I would not visit Phuket before visiting the other cities and Islands as I feel Phuket is very Commercialized compared to the other places you are able to visit.

I would however like to Visit Phuket one day as well.

These were my personal experiences of Thailand and personal feelings.


Please feel free to comment below and share your experiences if you have visited Thailand as well.

If you have any questions ,feel free to ask, as I would love to share more with you.


I hope you enjoyed the article and please have a look out for our future travels:):)





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  1. Ronic

    I really enjoyed reading your personal views on the Thai culture and lifestyle as I thought it was spot on to my experience when traveling there! Great blog!
    keep it up.

  2. Danelle Post author

    Thank you very much Ronic!

    Send us an email in the contact me section and we will let you know where you can send us your photos to share your Thai experience 🙂

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