Packing for Traveling

We have decided to pack as little as possible as we found last year that we did not use all of the clothes and things we took with us, so, this time around we are taking two backpacks and that is it.

When travelling in Asia, even though you are not staying in a hostel you still go to day to day as backpackers walking though the streets of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

So here are the necessities that I have packed for our trip :



Even though you don’t wear makeup most of the time, you do need a little something to freshen up your face  every now and again.

Here is what I will be taking with me :IMG_20160419_091455435

For eyes : Mascara and eyebrow pencil

Lips : Lip smoother and lip linersIMG_20160419_091507431

Face : Cover stick as foundation, contour and highlight kit and powder.IMG_20160419_091443189







Toiletries :

IMG_20160419_091518508Deodorant not more than 100ml

For skin care : facial wipes and Vaseline as a moisturizer.

100ml body wash bottle

Toothbrush and toothpaste

motion sickness pills just to be safe.



As you are not allowed to take more than 100ml liquid with you and we are only using backpacks I bought 100ml bottles for my shampoo.IMG_20160419_091525406

This is the first time I am doing this so I do hope it won’t be problem when we get there.


I did only pack a few dresses, shorts and shirts to wear but I am almost 100% sure I will be buying a lot more when we get there 🙂


Be sure that you only pack what you will really need when you travel.

Having to much to carry around can be a big nuisance and is very unnecessary.

And remember,  If you forgot something you will most probably find something similar where ever you are so don’t let it stress out your holiday and keep you from having the time of your life.


Just some tips:


  • Always remember that when carrying your bags as a carry on, no more than 100ml will be allowed for any liquids and such.
  • Roll up your clothing as small as you possibly can for more space in your backpack.
  • Instead of taking a hairdryer, brush and straightener, I bought an all in one hair dryer with a brush attached that is basically a much easier way to blow dry your hair and you won’t need to take a brush as it has a brush attached already.
  • When traveling to a very hot place such as Asia, sandals and sneakers (tekkies) will be all you need. Remember you can buy anything else you might want when you are there.
  • Do not take any jewellery with you. Keep them save at home where they cannot be broken or stolen.
  • Keep your bookings and passport all together in one file that is easy to access when needed.
  • There is WIFI at almost every hotel where we have ever stayed at but as we travel between places a lot we buy sim cards for our phones to work in the visiting country.
  • Be sure to keep your original sim card save.
  • Taking cash to exchange when you get there is a better idea than having to swipe you card as you end up paying a lot more than you would of when exchanging the cash.
  • Be sure to keep your cash in a save place and with you at all times as you never know when it is time to pay for a taxi or if you see something you need to buy.


Let us know what your tips are for traveling and packing 🙂








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