MSC Sinfonia 2016

Walking up to the MSC Sinfonia Cruise Ship I found I got an overwhelming and excited feeling.

With Staff and Entertainment crew from all over the world , beautiful restaurants , great food and lots to keep you busy with even if you just want to chill next to the pool , the MSC Sinfonia is worth every penny and every minute.

The check in proses was easy and painless and the friendly crew is always there for assistance.


I personally did not expect much from the room but when we got there we were surprised by the space the room offers.

Even though it is small , it’s very spacious and really comfortable.

I probably slept better than ever those 4 nights we spent on the ship.

The Bathrooms are quite small and I will say the shower space is very uncomfortable but it did do it’s job with hot water and all.



They have entertainment such as games that the MSC Dream Team offer each afternoon at the pool deck.

One of our favourite things to do were going to their theatre shows each night where they have an international singing and dancing crew that put on a different show  every night keeping it interesting and very entertaining.

There are also acrobats that feature in some of the shows that are just amazing!

There are special programs for children and teens to take part in daily and it seems it really kept them busy and mommy and daddy happy 🙂



The one thing you won’t be is Hungry on the MSC cruise ship.

They have a pizza bar , hamburger bar , buffet restaurant ,  daily and midnight snacks all running from 06:00 am till 02:00 am the next morning.

For dinner every passenger has a seat at a beautiful restaurant where you can choose from a menu what you would like for dinner from an Appetizer till dessert.



We had the opportunity to be get off the cruise ship to visit the beach of the Portuguese Island but we decided to stay on board instead and make the best of the pool deck for those two days we were anchored in between Mauritius and Portuguese Islands.

They do have a few options for you to choose from should you want to make use of their Excursions , to be honest we did not actually even have a look at what they offer as we knew we would be staying on board at all times.

TIP: They do offer drinks packages on board but we found that buying the drinks vouchers are much cheaper on land than at sea so when booking a trip like this with them you are welcome to request a list of the vouchers they offer from the friendly staff from the MSC office.


All in all the MSC Cruise ship was so much fun and even being a little unstable while sailing I would do it again in a heart beat.


It is great for a family vacation , a holiday with friends or a romantic get away.

Share your experience with us in the comments below 🙂

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