Cambodia 2016

Arriving in Cambodia I was very excited as I knew we were going to visit Angkor What in the near future and I could not wait.

We were in Phnom Penh for two nights and then travelled to Siem Reap via mini bus for our last 5 days in Cambodia.



Exchanging Money

Very interesting about Cambodia is that they actually work in US$ as well as the Cambodian Real so compared to Vietnam it is a bit more expensive especially for us traveling from South Africa.

Also in Cambodia and Vietnam they do not exchange the South African rand so you can expect to withdraw money as you will not come right with exchanging.

The ATM’S will give you money in dollars as well.


Getting around:

In Cambodia there a lot of Tuk Tuk’s very eager to take you where ever your heart desires.IMG_20160510_100155587

I did not really see as much taxi’s there but a Tuk Tuk is very easy to get.

Hiring a bicycle or electric bike is also very easy and a nice way to get round if you would like to travel on your own. We have heard that it is not allowed for foreigners to hire scooters but we did see a few people who did. At the place we hired our electric bike they told us that foreigners will be pulled off if they are on a scooter out side of town but it is fine to have a scooter in town so I guess it is not such a big problem after all.


The electric scooter cost us about $10 per day and I think a bicycle cost around a $ 2 or $ 3  a day.

Hiring a Tuk Tuk for the day cost about $ 13 a day and hiring a scooter is about $ 12 a day.

Most of the time we walked to where ever we wanted to be as everything is very close to each other if your hotel is located in the city.

You can hire a Tuk Tuk to take you to the temples if you would like.


Phnom Penh

Our hotel was amazing and located on a quite street close to the Russian Market and lots of restaurants.

We visited the Russian Market.

The Russian Market was given the name as it was visited by a lot of Russian expats in the 1980’s

You can find anything from clothing, shoes, souvenirs, food, you name it, there.


As most of the stalls do not have air conditioning it can be very hot when walking though especially walking close to the food stalls so be sure to keep hydrated.

We had very good food in one of the near by local family restaurants and I can say in all honesty that I loved all the food we ate in Cambodia.

You can visit the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh as well but unfortunately we did not get to that.


Siem Reap


What a beautiful place!

It is so clean and has the prettiest gardens and river running through the city.

What is amazing about Siem Reap is that they are trying to keep it as authentic as possible so they have rules such as hotels that are not allowed to be built to high and so forth and personally I think it is amazing as it is the home of Angkor Wat and keeping it as old looking and authentic as possible really fits the mood and makes you feel like you are visiting another type of world.


At night time you can visit Pub street for a beer and dinner.

There are lots of restaurants and bars to choose from in Pub street. You can also find lots of street food and smoothies in the nearby area.

The local restaurants outside of the Pub street area we found was much cheaper as not a lot of foreigners come there so when it comes to money I do suggest trying the more local places for eating.

Our hotels we stayed at in Siem Reap was beautiful and we had a big breakfast each morning which was very nice.

At our last hotel they even had free transport to the airport so that helps a lot.


Visiting Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple: 


This is probably the biggest reason anybody goes to Cambodia and that is to see the beautiful old Temples with the most famous one being Angkor Wat temple.

This is definitely a must see in ones life.

It took my breath away when walking up to the temple and seeing it with my own eyes and not on TV.

You start by walking over a river to the first part of Angkor Wat.

The Temple is made of stone and as it is hundreds of years old you can imagine that it has started falling apart in some parts but that just makes it more beautiful and authentic.

Walking over another bridge toward the famous Angkor Wat is something amazing.

You see the three towers of the stone temple standing strong you realise how special it truly is to be standing in front of this 900 year old temple.

You are able to go up into the highest and famous towers but be sure that your legs and shoulders are closed up as they have strict rules regarding the dress code when going into the temple.

After climbing a lot of steep steps you can walk though the stone towers and when looking out of the window of the tower you have a beautiful view lying beneath you.


the Bayon temple is a little different to Angkor Wat even though it is also made out of stone.

It is a bit smaller but the architectural features on the outside is absolutely breath taking.

You can walk though Bayon temple and is allowed to take photos where ever you would like.

On the inside it is very broken down but still shows the history beautifully.

My favourite part of Bayon Temple is the faces engraved on the big stone pillars on the outside.


Weather in Cambodia:


We were sweating so it looked like we were getting out of the shower each time we stepped out of our hotel room.

It gets really, really hot there so I would recommend not going in April to June.

When visiting the temples the heat can be very excruciating and it can take away some of the appreciation for what lies in front of you.


Cost of living in Cambodia:

The Temples tickets can be bought for one day or 3 days.

The one day visit tickets cost $22 per person and if you would like to buy a 3 day pass it wil cost around $44 per person.

The ticket Office is very organised and situated out of the city but not toward the temples. The people are very friendly and always eager to help so don’t be afraid to ask.IMG_20160510_100250502


At the more local restaurants we paid about $1 to $ 2.50 , sometimes $3 a meal where it can go up to $ 8 a meal in the more famous places where you will find more foreigners.

For beer you will find a lot of happy hours and specials on their local beer which will then cost you about $0.50 which is quite cheap.


Hotels are priced really good and you get what you pay for and more.

You can check on websites such as and for hotels to stay in no matter where you want to go in the world.


I loved Cambodia and would recommend it to anybody.

The History is rich and the people are wonderful.


For more questions do not hesitate to contact me in the Contact Me section.


Lots of love!








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