Making your own Blanket

Thank you very much to Helet for sharing her DIY blanket project with us.

I am in a real DIY mood these days and I am busy with a big project which I will be sharing as soon as I get it done.

So when I saw this idea I thought I had to share it with you guys as we are in the winter and don’t we all just love cuddling under our warm blankets? So, why not make it yourself!


What you will need :

  • Fabric Scissors
  • 2 pieces of fleece fabric (your color choice)


What to do:


Step 1:

Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other. Cut the corners of the fabric so it has round corners .


Step 2:

Cut the edges of the fabric into 1 inch strips right around the fabric.Try to keep it as neat as possible for a more clean cut look.


Step 3:

Start tying the two pieces of fabric together by making a knot in the strips that you have cut on each side of the fabric.


Once done you will have a nice and warm fleece blanket that you made yourself!


One again , Thank you to Helet for the photos of her fleece blanket and that we could steal her idea 🙂


Have you tried this??

Do you have your own DIY ideas for this winter?


Let us know!

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