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With my fiancé going away on Business trips I regularly have to keep myself busy while home alone for a few days. Same with most of my friends so I though to give you girls and boys some tips with the help of my beautiful friend, Hesti, who just got married and have the bear the same home alone feeling as most of us.

I am sure most of you feel like you have nothing to do or you keep your schedule so busy so that you don’t have to sit at home and wait for better days. I used to keep myself so busy but at the end of the week I would feel drained and not like I gave myself a break at all.


Here are a few things to keep your mind off the fact that he is not home but also to rejuvenate your body and make the best of your time home alone.


Do some cleaning !


Maybe this one won’t be a favourite for all of you but catching up on some cleaning work of straightening out your closet is not a bad idea.

After all, a clean environment does make a cleaner life.

So put on some good music and start cleaning!

You will sleep like a baby when your done and feel great the next morning when waking up to a sparkling clean home.


Listen to your favourite music- LOUD!


Don’t just listen, dance!

There is no better stress relieve than dancing it all out to your favourite songs of all time.

Sing as loud as you can and do your best, yet weirdest dance moves. You can’t do this with people around so when there is no one that sees you, go all out.


Read a book



If dancing is not for you or even after you have danced your butt off and made it as Taylor Swifts new backup dancer, go and relax with a nice book.

I am currently reading a motivational book by Joel Osteen which I love as I am also learning some life lessons while relaxing and taking time to myself.

If you don’t feel like life lessons, get out that Romance novel and cry your eyes out.


Catch up with some work and plan your schedule


With no one around, why not put your schedule for the next few weeks in place or catch up with some work.

I think we all know it is a wonderful feeling to know you are up to date and your busy schedule is planned out.

It really takes the stress off for the weeks to come.


Take a looooong bath



Pour yourself a glass of wine, light a few candles and soak in a warm bubble bath.

You deserve to relax and what better way to end your day full of cleaning and dancing with a nice long bath.

Through on a face mask, exfoliate your skin and best of all, do it all on your own time.

You are not rushing to get any where so take care of yourself and your skin and just relax.


Watch a movie – that you like !

Want to watch Dirty Dancing for the 500th time in your life, why not?

Want to watch the latest romantic comedy that no one wanted to watch with you, now is your time.

Cry as much as you like, laugh with your mouth wide open, rewind if you want to, there is no one to impress, just yourself 🙂


Let me know what you do when you are home alone to keep your mind off how much you miss him.


Enjoy your relaxing time, home alone.


Thank you to Hesti for helping with this article. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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