Handling a stressful day

We all have bad days that can stress us out and put your body and mind in a state of pain.

As humans we are allowed to be stressed, sad and angry but it is not ideal for your health and happiness so, I want to share a few techniques that I use to calm my stress levels with you guys.

Silence really helps me relax when I am in a stressful situation .

Try to take yourself out of the situation even if it is just for a few minutes and go sit in a quite place. At work I will go sit in the bathroom as no one is going to bother me there and when I am up for it again I’ll go back to my desk.


Do some stretches for your stiff neck or sore back. It will relax your muscles and after taking a deep breath you will feel much better .

Take deep slow breaths to keep you mind fresh.

Clear your mind and then start making the decisions that you know is the right thing to do and to say instead of speaking in anger and irritation and maybe ending up hurting someone else or yourself.

When you have hard feelings towards someone maybe because of something that has happened or has been said and you do not feel comfortable to speak to them directly about it , write it down and burn the paper.

Communication is the best way to solve all problems but even I am not always comfortable at that stage to talk about what has made me upset and writing it down is much better than gossiping behind that persons back and it coming back to bite you in the butt.


At the end of your day reflect on what made you stress or angry and decide if it is really worth stressing over?

Most of the time we stress over small things that just seem big at the time and when thinking about it you realise it won’t be so hard to resolve the problem or sort out the mess.


Never go to sleep angry, upset of stressed.

Give it over and relax, no matter what the situation may be.


What do you do to keep yourself calm or to calm yourself?

Share your experiences with us 🙂










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