Baking your Makeup

I don’t know if you have heard of the new makeup trend /  technique called baking.

Basically it is setting your makeup in areas where you would like to brighten up with baby powder. I tried it for the first time and I can swear by this technique.

You will not believe the difference it makes to your under eyes especially and it really contributes to highlighting your contour spots as well.

I decided to do a tutorial on baking your makeup just t show you I do it together with foundation and concealer.



What do you need for Baking :

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Baby powder


IMG_20160517_204408770First I applied colour concealer to brighten up my under eyes and cover up my red nose as I am a little sick.IMG_20160517_204424356

I am not sure if you can see the pink colour under my eyes and green applied to my nose area very clearly in the photo above but basically I just added the colour to my needed spots on my face such as the under eye area and nose.


Next will be foundation.


I applied my foundation with my small beauty blender and I basically just push the foundation in to my skin which really leaves it looking natural.

Remember to apply your foundation evenly and on your neck and ears for a natural look. We want our face to look the same as the rest of our body.



After applying my foundation I moved on to contouring with my concealers.

I use a dark concealer on my cheekbones, forehead, nose and my jaw line to sharpen it up.

I then use the light concealer for all the spots I would like to highlight such as my under eyes and under my cheek bones to make my cheekbones pop more.


Start blending in your concealer with your foundation by pushing it in your skin with a beauty blender.

By pushing the product in your skin it gives it a more natural look and also your not rubbing the product off your face, you are making sure it sticks.


I decided that I wanted my cheekbones to pop a little more so I took my angled brush and applied a little of my contour powder on my cheekbones for a more dramatic look.

This was what it looked like after my contouring was done



Now moving on to the baking part.

I use the Johnson’s baby powder but I am sure you can make use of any type of light powder or baby powder that you feel will work best for you.

IMG_20160517_204611218So using a angled sponge I dip the sharpest end into the powder and start applying it to my face. As I have said, I apply it under my eyes, my chin, my forehead and under my cheekbones. All the places I would like to highlight.



Keep the powder on your face for about 5 minutes to bake.

I do 5 minutes but if you feel you want to do more of less that is up to you.


After baking I took my big powder brush to lightly brush off the powder.

You can use a clean brush or add your pressed powder to your brush to add a bit more colour.




I could see a clear difference in the baked spots and I could actually feel how the powder keeps the concealer together if that makes sense.

After baking I added a bit of blush and highlighter which I applied to my cheekbones, tip of my nose and above my eyebrows as I normally would. I also put on some lip liner.



I loved the end result of this look.

I feel you can wear it for a natural type of look, as you can see I do not have much eye makeup on but it will also work for a fuller face of makeup and a night out.

It really brightens up your eyes on photos as well and makes you look awake and ready for your day!


Here is my final result.


Have you tried baking you makeup?

Let us know what your thoughts are on baking and how it worked for you?

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