a Romantic Makeup Look


A Romantic look can be worn any place,  anywhere .

So I decided to show you a romantic makeup look I did for a wedding.

I have worn this same look on a night out , lunch , even work.

In this look I made use of Catrice Cosmetics and Essence Makeup .

Using moisturizer on your face before adding your makeup makes your makeup go on much smoother and leaves your skin looking moisturized and not dried out or damaged.

I have even starting mixing my moisturizer with my foundation if I feel a little lazy and it works just as well.

I started off with her foundation and contoured her face over the foundation for a more prominent


look , after applying the moisturizer.


For the contouring I used my Catrice Allround Concealer and to darken her cheekbones I used Essence cover stick  05 Matt Caramel.

After doing the contouring I went on to her eyebrows.

I use the Essence eyebrow designer pencil to colour my eyebrows and I did the same for her in the colour 02 Dark Brown and filled in in with the essence  eyebrow stylist set in 01 Natural brunette Style.

Moving on to her eyes , as it is a romantic look I used natural colours such as dark brown , light brown and a shade of gold for a nice shimmer.

I actually used the Eyebrow stylist set for the eye shadow as well.

Just to bring it all together I did a dark gat eye line above her eye with my Catrice liquid liner in black.

on the bottom of her eye I took some of that dark brown colour and blended it in underneath her eye to give it a Smokey and blended look.

for mascara I used the Catrice waterproof Lashes to Kill Volume mascara in black.

I am really loving this mascara especially with it being waterproof.

Finally for lips I used a nude coloured lip liner from Essence and a nude Lipstick to round it off.


Always remember to first use a lip balm  on your lips before applying any makeup to make sure your lips are nice and smooth when the time comes to colour your lips beautiful.

my very favourite lip balm at this moment is the Dis-Chem Aloe Vera Lip balm with sun protection.

I found my lips are soft and moisturized as soon as I put it on.

Just some tips :

  • Be sure to blend your eye shadow for a more natural look.
  • Should you overdraw your lips for a fuller look , be sure not to draw it to much over your actual lip to still have a natural full looking lip.
  • for dark circles under the eyes I used the Allround Concealer by Catrice cosmetics ,the colour pink is specially for dark circles and I found it works really well.
  • For an extra shine on your cheekbones you can use a highlighter – I did a bit of highlighting on her cheeks , nose and forehead .

For Hair to match:


As she was going to a wedding I did a simple side bun which is elegant and fits with any type of outfit you would wish to wear.

with the side bun she had a side path in front.

You can always add hair accessories with this kind of look like a nice diamond clip of flower for a earthy look.


IMG_20160226_124040137A Tip: use hair pins for loose strands



Have you tried out this look?

Do you have another Romantic look for us to try?

Send us your romantic looks and description of how you made it happen and we might just create your own Romantic makeup look Article 🙂


Model : Ronic Boucher

Makeup : Me

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