Eating healthy at work




“a Healthy outside starts from the inside”

– Robert Urich


When at work you either don’t eat at all or eat whatever you want.

If I take myself for example, if there is a chocolate near me do not expect me to still have it in a days time.

I have noticed that it is much easier and lets be honest cheaper to just grab a chocolate or packet of chips for a snack at work.


I decided to give you a few ideas on healthy snacks to carry with you to your job or school.


Drink Water!


If you are not a water drinker I would suggest starting with one bottle a day.

To have a water bottle on your desk permanently will encourage you to drink from it through the day and it will keep you hydrated through out the day and energized.

I also set certain times for myself to drink coffee or tea to keep me from over dosing throughout the day and feeling sick from all the coffee at night.

So lets say for example I will drink a cup of coffee when I wake up in morning at half pas six and again at lets say 10:00am

I will only drink at about 3 pm again but I will be honest, sometimes I do not stick to the times especially if someone else is asking to make the coffee then I do cheat but I still try to keep it a reasonable dose of coffee though out the day 🙂


Your snacks


I have seen the cutest ideas for packing for lunch.

Baby carrots, hard or boiled are a good option and delicious snack.


My favourite is a banana, you can take it with you to work in its original form to eat or you can add a little low fat milk and raw egg for a delicious smoothie.

The smoothie definitely makes me full and helps me to stay full till lunch time.

You can even make a smoothie for breakfast to get you going .

Dried fruits, nuts or tuna are also a good option for a healthy snack to keep at your desk.

Low fat or fat free Yogurt in a small tub is really easy to carry with you where ever you go and not only is it a healthier option but delicious and there are so many flavours to choose from.


For Lunch

One important thing is to eat lunch when it is lunch time and not snack on your food and when lunch comes eat anything else you can find or grab the fist thing at the shop you see.

Pack your snacks apart from your lunch so you have the correct portions to eat through out your day.

Ideas for a healthy lunch:

  • a whole wheat sandwich with lettuce, tomato and avocado.

(when using bread be sure to use low GI and whole wheat bread for a healthier option)

  • Soup – I love carrot soup or butternut soup, even a vegetable soup.

It is easy to make and keeps you full.

  • a wrap – you can add chicken bit or strips with lettuce, tomato, feta cheese
  • salads – instead of making the normal Greek salad mix it up a bit.

My wrap with tomato, cheese, palony, mustard and mayo

a Pasta salad is a great option especially if you have left over pasta from the night before.

a Chicken salad or tuna salad is also a favourite of mine.

These are just a few ideas for a healthier lunch.

I found a website Eating Well that has beautiful dishes to try for lunch, go have a look and let us know what you have made for more ideas on a healthy lunch.


Let me know if this has helped you eat more healthy during your day and f you have any tips share it with us!




Chicken , onions , sausage , green pepper and tomato's

Chicken, onions, sausage, green pepper and tomato’s

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