Carrot soup with Cream Cheese

I absolutely love Soup and while on the MSC Cruise Ship I ate a carrot soup that took my breath away.

I Loved it so much I decided to try and make it myself and after watching a YouTube video to prevent a total disaster I was quite impressed with myself.

What you need :

  • Carrots
  • onions
  • Salt and pepper or Aromat (my favourite)
  • Butter
  • flour
  • milk / cream or both (half and half)
  • Cream Cheese


Appliances needed:

  • a Pot and a Pan or two pots
  • Blender / food processor ( I used a hand blender)


Steps I followed:

1.  Cook the sliced carrots with the chopped onions in boiling water- you may add the salt and pepper if you wish together with it as well.

2.  Once it has cooked nice and soft blend it to the form of puree ( try to keep some of the water together with the carrots and onions to keep it in a liquid form and not to dry)

3.  Melt your butter in a pan / pot and once almost completely melted add a little bit of flour and mix well.

4.  Immediately after add the milk / half and half and mix well till you have a creamy texture.

5. Add the cream with the puree carrots and mix well.

6.  I blended it together again just to be sure the carrots are all nice and blended.

7. I then added a spoon full of Cream Cheese and mixed it in with the soup for taste.


If I should say so myself I found it delicious and I was very proud of myself for making my very first Carrot soup.

carrot soup


Let me know if you tried out this recipe and how it worked for you?

What else did you add to make it your own? 🙂



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