What to wear this winter

I am personally not a big fan of the winter at all.

I would much rather hang around in the sun and not freeze my butt off every day, but, here we are and we have to make the best of it.

So, I decided to search the internet for a few winter outfits ideas to spoosch up our winter and make us excited to get all dressed up. for the cold weather outside.


Get me my PARKA


This oversized jacked fits with any outfit and you can just about get it at any shop you walk into.

Best is, it will keep you warm and have you looking stylish and day and night.


Get your PARKA at Mr Price for an affordable but stylish option


Oversized KNITWEAR


Snuggle up with your comfy oversized knitwear while walking the winter streets in style.

This can we worn with a denim, skirts and tights and still look amazing.

Definitely a must have as you can wear it casually or more formal.



Mr Price has great options for the oversized Knitwear and I found this stylish sweater on the Truworths website.



Keep yourself warm with the famous big scarf .

This you can basically find at any store and it really is a great accessory to have and wear to make a dull winter outfit look more alive.


I’m a FUR kind of girl

Treat yourself like a princess and buy a cosy and classy piece of faux fur.

I found this black and white faux fur jacket on the Mr Price online shop.


SNEAKERS are the new in thing.


Not only are they comfy but they look great.

I love my sneakers, especially my White Puma pair as I can wear them with anything and still look so stylish but without the pain in my feet.

Get yourself a pair, trust me.


Mr Price has a few option on their online shop and of course you can find the perfect pair for you at any Puma,  Addidas, Nike store, you name it.


Thigh high BOOTS

We all need more than 1 pair of boots in our wardrobe for winter but the thigh high boot is my new favourite.

This gives your outfit an edgy but elegant look.


Mr Price has a few options for these wonderful things but I bought an awesome pair for myself at Legit and I am in love with it.



I never know what to wear to work in the winter time.

So if you have the same struggle I hope this helps you with ideas to look pretty in your everyday day-to-day life.



I Hope you found some new hope in this winter weather and have some new ideas for your winter outfits.


Send me your winter outfits and we will post it on our look book 🙂

Happy Winter every one.

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