Dressing for yourself and being proud of it!

Fashion is a big part of my life and if I have to say so myself I might have a bit of a shopping problem 🙂

I love the latest trends even though I don’t feel comfortable myself to wear all of them such as to short crop tops, I still think it looks amazing if you style it right.


I will be doing an in-depth article on dressing for all shapes and sizes but I came across this article by Cassey from Blogilates , a big inspiration for me and the exercise channel I follow even when I am not exercising.


She was judged by her outfit she wore at an interview together with Richard Branson and others.


Here is what she had to say and personally I think it could not be said better and I encourage all girls and woman to start feeling and seeing your body and your sense of style in the same way.


visit her blog in the link below.



We love you Cassey Ho !!!

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