Red Lip Makeup Tutorial

I love the red lip look, it is so classic and very sexy so I decided to show you a red lip look I did a few nights ago.






After applying my moisturizer I used a line minimizer primer to make my makeup go on more IMG_20160803_182252052smooothly.

I used the green color on my color correcting pallet to minimize the red IMG_20160803_182303499spots on my face and the pink color for my under eyes to brighten up.

I used a BB cream for foundation using my fluffy foundation brush which I love by the way.It really evens out the foundation and makes it look very natural.

After applying the BB cream I used my concealer to highlight parts of my face such as under my eyes, my cheekbones, chin and forehead.


After buffing in the concealer with my beauty blender I went on to applying the baby powder to bake my makeup.









While waiting for the baking to set I went on to doing my eyebrows.

I brush the hair upwards to see the shape of my brows more clearly and to set the hair in place.

excuse the funny photo

excuse the funny photo




For eye shadow I used Naked 2 pallet.

Using bronze colors and black for the outer corner of the eye to make it a bit darker.

I was a bit skeptical about using the bronze color with the red lip but at the end I was happy with the outcome.


I did a winged liner as well and mascara to finish off the look.

I contoured with my powder contour on my cheekbones and around my forehead for a more bronzy look.


I decided to do a strong highlight also known as strobing so I used more than 1 highlight and to be honest I went a little crazy.



Moving on to lips:

I used a red lipstick, liner to round it off and a matte lipgloss for a more dramatic and darker look.



The final look is very dramatic but perfect for a night out.

I decided to do black and white with mostly white to make sure the look is not to dark but more flirty.

I hope you like the look and let me know if you tried it out and what you though :):)


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