My Night Time Routine

Hi Beauties!

I wanted to share with you my current night time routine.

This is what I normally do on a Sunday night to get ready for the week 🙂

I will be sharing the products that I use currently as well. I do switch every now and again but at this moment this is what I have been suing.

Palmolive is my absolute Favourite shampoo.

It is very affordable and I found that it works best on my hair.

My favourite one is Egg, it smells amazing and leaves my hair looking soft and very healthy.

You can get a conditioner as well I personally do not use conditioner to often as I do have oily hair so the shampoo does the job for me and my hair does not get as greasy so quickly as to when I use conditioner as well.


Neutrogena face wash and mask I have been using for quite some time and I love it and will recommend it to anyone . It is not only a face wash but mask as well so the double use is great.

For moisturizer I am using Annique – Facefacts. The rooibos extract moisturizer is amazing and leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

After showering I started by exfoliating my skin.

I use a little bit of white sugar with a little bit of moisturizer and mix them together.

I then apply it to my face in circular motions.


After exfoliating I applied my face mask ( Neutrogena) and kept it on my face till it dried before washing it off.


I love Nivea products.

They are my ride or die and I recommend their products to everyone I know.

I am currently using their Intensive moisturising cream and Good bye Cellulite gel cream which I love.

I did a bit of research before buying the good-bye cellulite gel and they had a good review so I decided to give it a try as I am one of those lucky ones who inherited my lumps and bumps.

So far I have been suing it for 3 weeks and I am definitely starting to see a difference.

I do want to add that I am exercising and drinking a lot of water which obviously helps as well.


So I apply the cream to my entire body except where I want to apply the anti cellulite gel.

I use one pump per body part of the anti cellulite gel and I do not massage it in, I only leave it on my skin to dry.


Moving on I will be drying my hair.


I sometimes straighten my hair after drying as well but tonight I am only drying my hair.

I am trying to use as less as possible heat on my hair these days as I am growing it again.

When drying my hair I do it up side down for more volume and trust me this works!

See ?


I then apply a pump of hair silicone to my hair and mostly to my points as they are a bit dry aty this moment.


I will be trimming my points soon and do a tutorial for you on that as well as I just do it myself ( with some help)


I then plait my hair , tonight I did it in 3 plaits because I wanted some natural waives all through my hair.


I then jump into bed and get a good nights rest for the week coming.



I hope you enjoyed this post.


Lots of love !!



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