Mermaid Oval Makeup Brushes

I have wanted the Oval makeup brushes for a long time now so I Was so excited when it arrived after a week of waiting.

I wanted to do a quick tutorial for you guys just to kinda give a review on the brushes so you can decide for yourself if it is worth it as it is a bit more expensive than other makeup brushes.

I personally love the oval brushes but I do not think that all of the brushes are really necessary.



The brushes, as in the picture above goes from Oval 1 to 10 with 1 being the biggest and 10 being the smallest bristle brush.

I did a no makeup makeup tutorial for you guys just to explain what the brushes can be used for and how I found it to work.




I used the oval 10 brush to apply color correcting

The Oval 10 is the smallest bristle brush and has a round humpy top.

I am not crazy about the Oval 10 or 9 brushes, it seems that it picks up the product very well but kinda hurts my face when I try to apply it because I struggle to get it off the brush again but with a little force I got it on.

The Oval 9 brush is also round but has a flat top.

For foundation I used my BB cream and the Oval 2 brush

For foundation I used my BB cream and the Oval 2 brush

I love the Oval 2 brush. The size is perfect for applying foundation and it really blends the foundation so well and makes it look so natural.

The bristles on this brush is amazing and so soft you won’t mind blending your foundation with this brush any day.

I definitely recommend this brush to any body.



I used the Oval 1 brush for m compact powder

The Oval 1 brush is the biggest brush of them all. It will work for foundation as well but I think you will find that maybe it is just a little bit to big to blend the foundation in all areas of your face.

I do love this brush. I would actually say that the bigger brushes, from 1 to 5 and Oval 8, which is still to come is my favorite brushes out of the bunch.



the Oval 8 brush I used to give my eyebrows some color

The Oval 8 brush is perfect for eyebrows as it has a sharper and narrow bristle.

It picks up the product great and is so easy to apply on your eyebrows.



Oval 9 for concealer

Oval 9 for concealer

Once again I am not crazy about the oval 9 and 10 but it did the job.

I actually saw someone using the oval 10 to apply lip gloss so I think I will try that and see if it works better for me.

The small bristle brushes does make it easier to apply the concealer especially around the eyebrow area so that was nice.

Using the Oval 5 to blend concealer

Using the Oval 5 to blend concealer

The oval 5 was great for blending the concealer. I think you can actually use this brush not only to blend but to apply and blend your contour as well.



Oval 4 to apply baby powder for baking

The brush really picked up the powder wonderfully but It seemed like the product once again did not really want to come off the brush and onto my face so I would not recommend it for your best baking results. But once again, a great brush for blending.


This is the Oval 3 and 4 with the number 3 being the bigger brush

I used the Oval 3 to wipe off the baking and it worked great. I think the Oval 3 can be used for multiple purposes which is great.



Oval 6 brush for crease eye shadow

You can use the Oval 6 or 7 for crease makeup, it works really good.

These two brushes also has a more straight line type of hair and would also be really good for a dramatic contour if you want the line to be more clear and dramatic.


I used my Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara

I used my Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara

Going in with bronzer I used Oval 4 to apply the bronzer

Going in with bronzer I used Oval 4 to apply the bronzer

I loved the Oval 4 brush to apply the bronzer. It really blended it so well on my face and made it look so natural.

The soft bristles feel real good on our face and has a very natural outcome.



For blush I used the Oval 1 brush.

It worked really well and applied the blush evenly. It did look like a little to much blush for me but you can blend it out with a smaller oval brush or even your beauty blender.

For highlighter I used the Oval 4

For highlighter I used the Oval 4

I would not recommend using the oval brushes for highlighter as I  did not really see the product sticking to my face if I can say it that way.

I used my beautifying lip smoother by Catrice Cosmetics and a light pink lipstick

I used my beautifying lip smoother by Catrice Cosmetics and a light pink lipstick


All in all I love my Oval  brushes. I do think they are wonderful for applying foundation and blending your contour and concealer and so forth and that is most probably what I will be using them for most of the time.

I have the Mermaid Oval brushes which I will say is a cheaper option compared to the Artis limited addition Oval brushes but in my personal opinion I think it works just as well and I am just as proud of them.


If there is one brush that I would recommend you get I think it will be the Oval 2 or even the Oval 3. They are multipurpose brushes that work great for applying foundation and blending.


I hope this helped you to understand the oval brushes a little more. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comment section below and I will answer to the best of my ability.

This article is based on my personal views of the Mermaid Oval Brushes and may differ from others opinion.


Lots of love



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