Let’s get drinking!

As a young girl I loved drinking water, but as I grew older , my water intake decreased significantly.

This is something most of you can relate to, because in this day and age, when we get thirsty we grab to sodas and coffee. Instead of feeding our body what it needs we feed our body what we think it wants, just as we do with food.

I have heard a few people making it their new years resolution for 2018 to drink more water.

What I have learned the last couple of months is that if you understand the benefits of water and certain foods, you will increase the intake as you know what it will do for you.

So I have been doing some research and want to share with you the benefits that water has for your body and your lifestyle.

  • Water increases your energy levels and physical performance.

I have experienced this myself. I would always be drowsy and lazy but with my water intake that increased , my physical performance is much better and I have way more energy through out the day.

  • Not only does it hydrate you but it increases your brain function and helps for headaches.

I switched completely to water for things such as headaches and believe me, it helps!

I normally get headaches from really hot weather or being hungry and I have found that drinking water really soothes me and gets rid of my headaches.

  • Water flushes out toxins and cleans you from the inside out.

I keep this in mind all the time as we all want our bodies to be clean and waste free on the inside.

  • Water helps for Weight loss


  • It is a natural remedy for skin and hair and acts like a replacement for anti-aging creams



Our bodies consist of 70% water , this alone should show us how important it is for our bodies to get the right amount of water in each and every day.


  • Drinking lots of water decreases cellulite


So, how much water should we drink on a daily basis?



I try to drink 2litres a day or more if I can and I have noticed a big difference in my well being so I would say 2 litres sounds about right and it is do-able as well.


How do I get started?



At first I use to mark in my planner after every glass of water that I drank so I can keep book and make sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

I have moved on to a 1.5litre water bottle which I fill up and make sure to finish before the end of the day.

In the mornings, I drink a glass of water when I wake up and another glass when I get to work and after that I continue with my bottle of water through out the day.

Getting a 2litre water bottle will make it much easier for you  to make sure that you get your 2litres in.

I can promise you a big difference in your way of life and your health if you just start drinking some water .

I have inserted an article on the benefits of water below which I loved.

It really opened up my eyes to the possibilities of a water filled life. Do yourself a favour and check it out!


Let’s get drinking 🙂





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