Getting Cozy in the winter

I have a kind of love, hate relationship with the winter.

Although I really prefer the sun shining above me I cannot deny that it is the nicest feeling to cozy up under a blanket with the heater going and some hot tea.

Keeping warm is the most important thing this winter so I decided to give you some of my tips to keep warm this winter and doing it in the coziest way possible.

We cannot change our weather so lets enjoy it!


I have found the best way to get my freezing feet warm again is taking a bath, so, why not make it a long relaxing bath.

Add some bubble bath to your hot water for a relaxing smell and light some candles to get you in the sleepy mood.


A heater is my best friend in winter time but it can unfortunately also be the cause of your sickness so another alternative that I have been doing is to keep your hot-water bag under your duvet and blankets while you are getting ready for bed and by the time you get in under your blankets it is nice and hot and you don’t have to worry about cold blankets ruining your cozy night.

Be sure to wash your face properly and tie your hair back in either a french braid, loose pony tail or something of this sort. This will keep your scalp relaxed and not tensed while you are wanting to relax.


Keep your hands and feet warm at all times.

I love my knitted socks that my mom made me. It keeps my feet warm and it is so comfy so it is perfect to get into bed with as well.


Wear loose and warm pajamas.  My winter pajamas is very cozy and comfortable because there is nothing I love more  than to feel free when I am trying to get cozy and just relax.


If you don’t feel like sleeping away your cozy day or night get something you can keep busy with such as watching a movie. Try a movie you have never watched before or something you haven’t watched in a very long time to bring back some sweet memories.

Read a book.

Even if it’s your favorite magazine.


Try to stay away from the electronics to give your brain a break. If you feel like scrolling on the internet on your cozy day, try to keep it to a minimal and try to keep busy with other things instead.

This will help you shut down easier and relax more believe it or not.


Drink some hot tea.

If it’s sweet tea or green tea, drink some tea.

Tea really relaxes the soul and will leave you feeling nice and warm from the inside out.


In our busy lives we forget to just have a cozy day or even at night when you get home from work.

Do yourself a favor and get cozy more often this winter.

Spoil yourself to that!


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