Baby Products Rage

My current beauty favorites I really felt I needed to share with you as it would be totally unfair to keep it away from you.



  • Johnson’s baby powder
  • Johnson’s baby jelly


Thank you Johnson’s for your baby products as it not only keeps babies soft and silky but it leaves my skin soft, glowing and smelling amazing.


Since being in Asia this year I decided to only take the baby jelly with me to use as a moisturizer and it works amazing. I am from now on only using this as a moisturizer and so far so good.

I have heard that some of the older ladies only used baby jelly, or as we know it Vaseline, from their teenage years and their skin looks unbelievable.

The baby powder is amazing for this new makeup technique i have been trying called baking your makeup.

It really lights up your under eyes and other parts you like to bake .


Let us know what’s your Johnson’s secret.


Be sure to have a look out for my makeup tutorial on baking your makeup and how to get the best results.

Lots of love!


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